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SUPsquatch Rental

Are you and your friends ready to have an EPIC day on the water?!

Get ready to cruise on some waves with this freaking gigantic SUP. That’s right, rent this 15 feet long by 6 feet wide Stand Up Paddle board aka SUPSQUATCH and enjoy an entire day of fun filled laughs.

“Hey Sun and Salt Adventures, what can we do with a massive SUP?”
Better question, WHAT CAN’T YOU DO WITH THIS SUPSQUATCH?! You can catch waves, cruise to the sandbar, enjoy a floating picnic, snorkel off it, paddle up the river, drive it to any side of the island, bask in the Hawaiian sun, and enjoy pretty much anything on this beast.

A full day of fun with the SUPsquatch rental includes a hand pump and two paddles.

The board is inflatable and fits in a backpack for easy transport.

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