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Snorkel Rentals – Kailua

Come and snorkel with us!

Snorkeling off Kailua and Lanikai beaches is truly going to be a highlight of your vacation. From the live coral reefs just off Lanikai beach to the pristine white sand of Kailua, there is something here for everyone to see.

Kailua Bay is a protected Ocean Recreation Management Area, making it a prime spot for Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, or as we say in Hawaiian, Honu, to feed and relax in the shallow warm water. Honu are endangered and highly protected animals so they should never be touched are disturbed from their usual routine but be sure to bring your waterproof camera since pictures from a distance are just fine.

The majestic creatures spend their days eating seaweed and swimming around the many shallow reefs that dot the area, so these are the most likely spots you will find them. Turtles must come to the surface every few minutes to breathe, so no need to chase them if they dive for food. If you’re calm, quiet, and patient, they may even surface close to your kayak. What a treat!

Along with our beautiful Honu, you will have the opportunity to see shoals of tropical fish such as yellow tang and spot tailed butterflyfish as well as our famous Hawaiian state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a or “reef triggerfish”. You may see Morish Idol’s playing in the corals or Convict Tangs chasing other fish away from the best feeding spots. There is truly never a dull moment on the reef.

Calm days bring the clearest water, so your best chance at spotting our Honu and Humuhumunukunukuapua’a is on days with clear skies and little wind.

We offer snorkel gear rentals both as sets with mask, snorkel and fins as well as individual items. This means if you need an extra set of fins or a mask and snorkel for that relative visiting from out of state, we have you covered.

We have snorkel gear for both children and adults with fins ranging in size from a child’s 3 to an adult 13. We also offer prescription goggles for those who wear glasses and will be happy to provide life jackets to those less comfortable in the water.

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