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Private Popoi’a Tour – Guided

You may choose to paddle up a meandering river through a Tropical Rain Forest, or paddle alongside 400 foot sea Cliffs and explore intimate little coves that people don’t often get to visit, or maybe an excursion to a mammoth sea-cave that you’ll paddle deep inside, or along a coastline of long beautiful white sandy beaches and exotic little tropical islands where you and your guide will be the only humans in sight.

These tours are conducted and led by Bob Twogood, President and owner of Twogood Kayaks Hawaii, Inc.
Bob is a kayaking legend in Hawaii for more than 35 years and a former National Champion Kayak racer. Together with his Hua Iki Paddling Club members, Bob Twogood has also circumnavigated the Island of Oahu over 20 times while leading his groups. So he knows every bit of coastline, reef and channel intimately. There is no one in Hawaii who has more experience in leading groups on kayak excursions along Oahu’s coastline than Bob Twogood.

If you select this Exclusive Guided Kayak Tour, you’ll discuss with Bob which area of Oahu you’d like to paddle in, partly based upon the time of the year, weather and surf conditions, and the scenery you’d like to see.