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Kayak Rental – Kailua Beach

Kayak Rentals in Kailua and Lanikai Beach

Would you like to paddle some of the nicest waters in creation? Sun & Salt Adventures Hawaii makes it easy for you! Reserve your kayak rentals in advance and we’ll help you explore Kailua Bay and Lanikai Beach the easy way!

Come to our shop and we get you set up for a day of FUN! Along with each of our Kailua beach kayak rentals, our friendly staff will make sure you have the information you need to make the most of your experience.

First, one of our expert guides goes over a satellite map of Kailua Bay with you together and shows you how to safely navigate the waters. That way we make sure any safety questions you might have can be answered immediately and in detail.

Second, we show you the best and most scenic places on the islands you choose to kayak to and which areas of the bay offer the best snorkeling. Lastly, we offer free basic paddling instruction when you rent a boat with Sun & Salt.

The offshore islands in our Kailua/Lanikai bay are home to the wedge-tailed shear waterbird and are designated bird sanctuaries.

Permits for landing on Moku Nui or on Popoia Island, backrests, dry bags, and snorkel sets are optional rental equipment as not everyone needs them.

The beach is a short 5-minute drive from our store, so we provide free foam pads and straps so you can drive your kayak rental to Kailua Beach or Lanikai Beach. If you’re staying in a residence along Kailua or Lanikai Beach, we deliver rental kayaks free of charge for multi-day rentals.

Kayak Rentals Include:

  • Safety briefing about the area you will be paddling in
  • Kayak
  • Paddles
  • Life vests
  • Soft racks
  • Straps


  • Transportation: We will instruct you on how to load equipment on to most vehicles, (including smart cars and convertibles) up to 3 kayaks will fit on one vehicle
  • Gratuity
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Would you like to paddle some of the nicest waters in creation? Sun & Salt Kayaks makes it easy for you!

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