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Boogie Board Rentals – Kailua

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Boogie boarding, also known as body boarding, is one of the easiest water sports to learn, and Kailua beach is the place to learn it!

Many locals started their surfing careers by first learning to boogie board on Kailua’s medium to small waves. The surf conditions at this world-famous beach are some of the best for children, beginners, and even experienced boogie boarders to get out and have some fun.

What makes this beach so special? Well, one key thing about Kailua beach is that only smaller waves make it to shore because the big waves break on the outer reef surrounding the bay. If you are more experienced or just looking for the added thrill of bigger waves, the Northern end of Kailua Beach is the place for you! This area is slightly less protected by the out reef, so bigger waves can make it all the way to shore. Boogie Boarding truly is fun for the whole family and you’re sure to get some good photos from it so have your cameras ready.

With our half and full-day rental options, your sure to have enough time to enjoy this fun and easy Hawaiian Watersport.


  • Safety briefing about the area you will be paddling in
  • Boogie Board


  • Transportation (we will help load equipment on to most vehicles, including smart cars and convertibles)
  • Gratuity
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