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Hua Iki Kayak Club

Feel free to check out our club’s page for more information on scheduled outings or to see some of our club photos of all the fun our members have!

Twogood Kayaks Hawaii is the only kayak company on the windward side that organizes and supports a recreational kayaking club. With 1,402 members (09-18-20) and counting, our club’s purpose is to introduce new paddlers to the joy of kayaking safely in Hawaii; to build paddler’s skills, experience, and confidence;  learn how to make good judgments when on the ocean; and have fun while you explore Oahu in a way that most people will never have a chance to.

The outings are led by Bob Twogood (or a trusted friend), Bob is a nationally recognized kayaker with 40+ years of kayaking experience, who has completed more than 30 circuits around O’ahu and knows every nook and cranny that our island’s coastline has to offer!

Each month we paddle a route that is between 5 to 9 miles in length along a section of Oahu’s coastline.  If you attend all of our outings, you will paddle entirely around the Island of Oahu in 1 year and develop kayaking skills, ocean experience, and a new network of friends to create your own adventures with.

Most of our longer paddles have 1/2 way point stops so new members can stop there, or they can begin the paddle at that 1/2 way point if the entire course is longer than the are comfortable paddling.

Non-experienced paddlers are welcome and if you do not have a kayak, we will be happy to help you rent one from us! 

So, come join us to make new friends, and learn how to enjoy the beautiful ocean that surrounds us!